MLB Trade Rumors: Mets Intentions with Syndergaard Status is Up in the Air

The Mets are Being the Mets right now

According to MLB insiders and their flurry of tweets, Noah Syndergaard is now the top priority for the Mets to move after acquiring Marcus Stroman from the Blue Jays earlier today.

At first, Jon Morosi talks about the Padres and their involvement in getting Syndergaard for some of their top tier prospect talent and/or current players from the current roster:

Rosenthal validates that status with the talk of the Mets only wanting Major League talent. It appears as if the Mets are trying to make a serious run at the Wild Card, even being 6 games out as of today:

Ken followed up with the more information on how close the Padres are to closing a deal:

It looks like the one team the Mets are talking to are the Padres, which means the Dodgers can sit back and see what kind of deal is being discussed to swoop in if Syndergaard is that high of a priority.

If the deal is centered around Margot of the Padres, the Dodgers have Joc Pederson and arguably a better farm system to outbid any deal the Padres put together.

The Mets also still have reliever, Edwin Diaz, they could take a look at, but this shouldn’t really be looked at until a Felipe Vazquez deal is completely dead.

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  1. Middle Infield help, preferably a RH bat should be a priority but I also would not sell the farm for a possible deal for Syndergaard. A back end BP piece should still be a priority but wss.

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