MLB World Series 2022: What are the Latest Odds and Predictions?

Although the current MLB lockout situation is rumbling on, this will not dampen the enthusiasm of baseball fans for the upcoming 2022 season. This is certainly true for LA Dodgers supporters, who will be eager to see their team get back into action.

While we are waiting, there are plenty of MLB-related things to do in order to stay busy. One of the best is to get an idea of which teams might make a Championship run in 2022. But who might this be and where are the best places to find out this information?

What are the latest odds and predictions for MLB 2022?

While you could scour the internet for opinions on this or talk to friends for their views, a quick yet effective place to head initially are online sports analysis sites. These sites carry the latest MLB news to catch up on, and will often offer their own predictions on who could make a Championship run in the new campaign.

In addition, many sites will provide details on sportsbooks that offer MLB betting. By checking the odds at the sportsbooks shown, you can get a better idea of who might have a chance to take home the Championship. Current odds for example show three teams in the running – the Dodgers at odds of around +650, the Astros at odds of around +900 and the Braves at odds of about +1000.

But why are these MLB teams so hotly backed to do well in 2022?

LA Dodgers

All Dodgers fans will be looking ahead to the new season and be keen to see their team make amends for not winning in 2021 – when they were hot favorites for most of the year.

But why might 2022 be a year for Dodgers fans to remember? There is no doubt that there is real talent in the roster and the team has some of the top offensive/defensive players around. They have also done well in holding onto the core of their team for 2022, with players like Mookie Betts still in LA. If the expected bounce back from Cody Bellinger in 2022 occurs, the signs are promising.

With the Dodgers roster for 2022 also including the return of Chris Taylor and hints at even bigger moves coming after the lockout, it looks like a great year is in store for fans. The only worry is just how big a negative impact the ongoing issues around Trevor Bauer will have on the team.

Houston Astros

It will come as no surprise to MLB fans all over the world to see the Astros tipped to make a World Series run again. They came so close last year and will be keen to finally go all the way in 2022.

As with the Dodgers, they look likely to retain the core talent which has served them so well in recent years. This means players such as Alex Bregman and Kyle Tucker should remain in Houston in 2022. With the group of young pitchers in Houston coming back with a year’s more experience to their name and Justin Verlander a smart free agency signing, the signs look good for the Astros. They will surely worry about Carlos Correa departing though and how they will fill this hole in their roster.

Atlanta Braves

There has been no team in recent MLB history to have clinched back-to-back Championships – but many are predicting that the Braves can pull it off in 2022. Their World Series win last year against the Astros showed they have what it takes to compete against the best. With plenty of confidence coming into the new season due to this, you have to factor them in.

You also have to remember that star player Ronald Acuna Jr is back in 2022 and this could make them even better! Ozzie Albies is also still in Atlanta and players like him will be key to any success the Braves have in the new season. They will be worried about the Freddie Freeman situation though and will be left without a major player if he leaves in free agency.

MLB 2022 Championship set to take off

With the new season not far away (depending on when the lockout is sorted), all baseball fans will be looking ahead to the action. This is naturally true for Dodgers fans who will be keen to see the team back winning games. As the above shows, they are certainly one of the teams who could win the Championship in 2022 — although it may be a tough road!

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  1. If we were to bet and the season never got started would we be able to get our money back? Seems like a stand off with neither yielding and that both sides will perish. What if they did eventually start the season and no fans showed up? Would that show an audience of discontent? I think I have gone to my last game. The last one I went to was an out of pocket cost of $600 for a family of four. I do not wonder how much the next family of four outing will cost if they settle and I will never find out

    After 81 years of baseball fandom, goodbye

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