Ned Colletti spent a long-time building the roster of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Moreover, his wisdom gives him the right to speak on things like roster construction and personnel of a big league club. Colletti has strong feelings about the 2019 Dodgers – and their lack of need for free agent Manny Machado.

Colletti feels that the Dodgers are loaded.

“It’s not like the team is missing great players. They’ve got great players in the same spot.”

It’s not a quote that will make major headlines. However, Colletti’s confidence in the Dodgers should carry weight with all of us.

In the end, Machado’s Dodgers career will be measured over 66 regular season games and a star-crossed postseason filled with some drama. Looking ahead, the Dodgers still have Justin Turner, Chris Taylor, and a returning Corey Seager left to fill any void that Machado’s departure leaves.

Equally important – there is a reason that the Dodgers are projected to win 90-plus ballgames. Colletti’s long history in the game likely helps him deduct the possibility that this will come to fruition.

And let’s face it, Los Angeles doesn’t need someone within the clubhouse that leads to moments like this one:

Still, Manny Machado shouldn’t head through the exit doors without being appreciated for what he was in the City of Angels. He was a valuable player who had some big knocks and helped the team reach a second consecutive World Series. Ultimately – the team came up short – and so our memories of Machado will be less fond.

Colletti is likely correct in his assessment, but what do you think? Do the Dodgers contain a strong enough core to get by without him? Or should they have made a stronger attempt to re-sign the young franchise player? Let us know in the comments!

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