Next Steps with Dodgers Julio Urias’ Domestic Abuse Allegations

Julio Urias was arrested and charged with domestic violence Monday night. Witnesses say they saw him push a woman to the ground in the parking lot of a shopping center. Following this news, Urias could be placed on administrative leave while the league investigates the charges.

Major League Baseball and Major League Baseball Players Association reached an agreement on a domestic violence policy in 2015. This policy covers domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse.

Per the policy, the commissioner’s office will investigate “all allegations of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse in the Baseball community.” The commissioner also has the authority to “place a player accused of” domestic violence, sexual assault, or child abuse “on paid administrative leave.” This leave can last up to seven days while the commissioner’s office investigates the charges. Players have the right to challenge this leave “immediately.”

Following the investigation, if the Commissioner finds that the player has committed one of these acts, the policy grants him the authority to enforce any punishment he sees fit. This punishment is a possibility regardless whether the player faces criminal charges or a conviction.

In response to the punishment, a player can appeal to the MLB-MLBPA arbitration panel. That panel will then determine whether the Commissioner had just cause in his punishment. When deciding, the panel can look at previous league punishments, but cannot use punishments from other domestic violence, sexual assault, or child abuse infractions for comparison.

The policy also covers treatment and intervention, training, education, and resources. For instance, a 24-hour helpline has been made available for players and their families.

In short, don’t expect to see Julio on the active roster tonight, or in the immediate future.

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  1. Great explanation of the process and as you said wait for the entire story to unfold….First Urias is a very Young Man let’s see what shakes out here. In the days of social media people are tried and pillared before all the facts are out.

    We do not need a starter so someone like Sborz or even May would help bridge the gap. Cingrani sounds like he is ready. Perhaps they simply bring Cingrani back plus he is a lefty specialist so he fits…