Nomar Garciaparra and John Hartung Try To End Dodgers Curse

This slump has been frustrating, saddening, and pretty much every other emotion that you can think of. The problem is that everybody on the team shares the blame. There is no piece of the team that can, or should, carry the load.

A team that, at one point in the season, was looking to break the record for the most wins in an MLB season is now just trying to survive.

On August 22nd, Sports Illustrated released the cover of the magazine pictured below. For all of you superstitious fans out there, it’s easy to see why having “BEST. TEAM. EVER?” on the cover would be concerning.

Well, since the release of that picture, the Dodgers have gone 4-14. Even worse, they have lost eight straight games. Whether you believe in curses or not, it doesn’t hurt to try and reverse them and that’s exactly what Nomar Garciaparra and John Hartung did!

What is your position on curses and superstitions? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Alex Perez

Whittier College Alumnus.
Editor In Chief of Dodgers Nation.
Lifelong Dodgers fan.


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  1. Call it what you want seems every team goes through a slump. What is, a good thing is that our DODGERS won a bunch of games before this bad stretch. I believe in God and believe in the DODGERS and they will bounce back. Have faith my DODGER FAMILY

  2. OK as for what’s happening to the…Dodgers are just losing it for a bit as this is hard work staying on top puts a lot of presser on a man it is not good for the team people need to rest, for this long no, but in their best interest I believe the Nats should take number 1 for a good reason. As the D-backs are great team don’t lie to yourself you know they are so let the nats take them on spare us the pain as we take on the NL-central cubs easy, brewers easy, card easy, i’m not saying their bad but we should beat them I know we lose home advantage but if we’er such a good we should win with out right?

  3. Steve –

    “Get rid of Roberts”??? (see above)

    Get a grip, man. That comment is way off base. Roberts is not to blame for this losing streak. He communicates well, stays positive, backs his team and organization & represents the Dodgers well. The man is a class act.

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