Orel Hershiser Shares His Favorite Vin Scully Memories (VIDEO)

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Anyone who’s a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers has a favorite Vin Scully memory. Whether it’s his unique brand of describing an ongoing situation in the stands, the backstory of a particular player or one of his many Scully-isms, which Dodgers fans young and old have grown up listening to, there is an endless supply of terrific calls and moments with the voice of the franchise behind the mic.

Dodgers legend Orel Hershiser has a unique perspective in that he was a part of many memorable moments for the Dodgers as a player and has worked as a fellow broadcaster for the team. Hershiser shared his favorite memories during a Chatting Cage segment on

I think my favorite Vin Scully moment, being sentimental, is, I was still around when fans were listening to their transistor radios in the stands. And to be on the mound, to wind up and to hear Vin Scully — because there were so many transistor radios on in the stadium — to hear Vin Scully say, ‘And Hershiser winds’ and actually be doing it, is really really odd.”

Hershiser went on to discuss what it meant to have his games called by Scully and other iconic moments that the legendary 86-year-old broadcaster has narrated, such as Kirk Gibson’s home run in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series.

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