Pennant Race Daily: Night Of The Living (Yasiel) Puig

A moment is a memory. During a pennant race – there are lots of moments. I want you to remember them; so I’m going to write a nightly post that tells the tale of emotions of a pennant race and hopefully; a ride back to the World Series. On Wednesday night, the player with nine lives showed up again. Of course, that man’s name is Yasiel Puig. 

In a season of peaks and valleys with it’s share of high-drama and huge moments, I’m not sure any were bigger than this one.

Seriously, can you think of a moment that provided more of an opportunity for the Dodger faithful to take a breath and relax? Baseball has this uncanny ability – when you need to depend on it most in life – sometimes it comes through for you.

So big was Puig’s home run in the Dodgers’ 5-2 victory over Colorado, it was able to overshadow another dominating start from Walker Buehler.

The home run and moment were really a culmination of a long road for the embattled Puig. I’ve said it many times: Puig as a Dodger has at least nine lives. The thing about the 2018 Dodgers – it’s hard to find a player on the roster who has not faced his share of trials and tribulations this season. It’s been no different Puig who has battled injury, platoon and his fair share of controversy.

As with his entire career, when Puig takes center stage; dramatic acts follow. It’s hard at this point to say that his legacy as a Dodger isn’t forever cemented. We all have our favorite Puig moment – mine was when he guaranteed there would be a World Series game seven. He called out Justin Verlander when no one in the world would have had the stones to do so. And it seemed like it gave the Dodgers inner confidence to deliver.

However, this would probably be moment number two. Puig strengthening an outside slider into the stands off an elite reliever in Adam Ottavino. With all the chips in the middle of the table, Puig rose again from the dead.

It was one of the biggest swings of his life, and one of the shining moments of the Dodgers season. All along, I’ve felt that this race comes down to the very end in a photo finish. Thanks to Puig – forever a hero to me now – Los Angeles has the chance to be in the driver’s seat.

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Written by Clint Evans

Clint lives in Ohio, and played collegiate baseball. He loves the Dodgers due to his first memories of Chavez Ravine when he was nine years old. The voice of Vin Scully has been a staple in his life since he was a kid. No amount of baseball talk is ever enough, and he wishes the regular season was year round. He has written about baseball online since 2007.

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