Pennant Race Daily: Was That Our Funeral In Arizona?

A moment is a memory. During a pennant race – there are lots of moments. I want you to remember them; so I’m going to write a nightly post that tells the tale of emotions of a pennant race and hopefully; a ride back to the World Series. On Wednesday, the Dodgers dropped one of their toughest losses of the season 7-2 to Arizona

If Tuesday night felt like a miniature 2017 World Series game five – Wednesday was a redux of game seven. Things started with a promising outlook. Cody Bellinger got the Dodgers on the board with a big two-out hit. Los Angeles added another run to go up 2-0, and Ross Stripling looked good enough.

And – that all unraveled quickly. This was one of the most depressing losses of the season. Colorado of course ran parallel with the poor fortunes with a 14-0 win at Coors. Thursday would be an off day for the Dodgers – and the Rockies again won 5-3. Add it all up, and the Dodgers trail the division by a game heading into the final weekend.

Thinks aren’t looking great. The Dodgers are most likely playing for a Wild Card game entry, and it would likely be on the road. The only way they win the division would be to sweep the Giants – then hope Colorado loses one to the Nationals. Even then, it would come down to a game 163 at Dodger Stadium on Monday.

The Dodgers are now set to run the gauntlet. I hope everyone enjoyed the off day on Thursday, because we are in for a mental brain scramble these next few days and nights. A million tiny cuts have amounted to a pretty serious wound. While some may feel that the Dodgers are in a good spot and reach for optimism – this still feels like it could have been so much more.

There are so many ‘if’ scenarios. Just if the Dodgers win one of the last two nights against the DiamondBacks who did anything but quit. If the Dodgers just go 3-4 against the lowly Cincinnati Reds this year rather than 1-6. Or how about any number of games the Dodgers have lost in heartbreak fashion? If any two of those go different, we are once against division champions and relaxing this weekend.

Alas, we need to not only execute and perform; but we need help. If you need a simple rooting guide this weekend, you’re rooting for the Nationals and Cubs in that order. We could get a lot more extensive than that, but we’re content with just letting it play out on a night-by-night bases and seeing where that leaves us. The bottom line is the Dodgers result each day is the most important result.

It’s time for this team to crack the smelling salts, wake up; and start playing like a championship team. That either happens, or it will be curtains real fast for a group that was 20 percent odds to win the World Series just days ago. Furthermore, we will be writing about why this went sideways on us seemingly overnight rather than recapping postseason games. I believe I join my fellow colleagues who run this site in saying none of us are ready for that, but we are all beginning to think about the cruel reality.

Does the team that has overcome so much adversity have enough fight left in them to circle the wagons a few more times? Personally, I wouldn’t bet against them.

Keep your eyes on the action this weekend – there will be several moments that define whether we continue onward in the journey or the end comes swiftly.

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  1. “Does the team that has overcome so much adversity have enough fight left in them to circle the wagons a few more times? Personally, I wouldn’t bet against them.”

    You’re right about this team overcoming adversity this year, but I wouldn’t bet any money on them this weekend because they are playing in Hell against the devils of Dodger history, who have ruined more Dodger seasons than any other team.
    Sorry, but our best hope is help from the Cubs and Nats.