Real Reason Why Dodgers Signed Albert Pujols, How He Helps LA & Pujols Strongly Denies Angels Rumors

Albert Pujols went 1-4 in his Dodgers debut and knocked in what would turn out to be the game-winning RBI with his 2-out RBI single to score Mookie Betts in the bottom of the second inning. We break down Pujols’ Dodgers debut and react to the three-time MVPs post-game press conference.

Plus, we discuss why exactly the Dodgers, who will pay him in the neighborhood of $430,000, the prorated amount of the current $570,500 league minimum, ultimately decided to sign one of the game’s all-time greatest players in the twilight of his career.

Next, Albert Pujols addressed the rumors that he wouldn’t accept a bench role with the Angels. We discuss what happened with Pujols and the Angels and why it will fuel him with the Dodgers.


In day one with the Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles, Pujols said all the right things and did what he was brought in to do. But on the Anaheim front, is there a little bit of revisionist history for the future Hall of Famer and what he said with the Angels?

Also, how do you think Albert looked in blue? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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Written by Doug McKain


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  1. Well if he contributes in a small role i guess it’s fine. But if he plays regularly that means the team is not doing well and has injury problems.

  2. I was immediately happy when I read that Albert had been signed, especially with the current injuries and the Dodgers’ persistent problems hitting against left-handed pitching. He is a class individual and will be a great mentor to all of the promising young players, and I think that he can only make the team better in their run to win the 2021 World Series. It was great to see his chat with Buehler, his RBI’s, his dunking and laughing with team mates, and his professionalism during his at-bats. Way to go, Dodger Blue!

  3. Regardless of “he said- she-said”, he’s w/ Dodger Blue and having fun. The cross-town rival was dissing him and now they’re envious of seeing him having an impact on the more classy organization. I know it’s a little struggle to play in your waning year but do your best, have fun in the Dodger uniform, and ride off into the sunset w/ a big smile.

  4. is it a coincidence that Trout loved Albert, sees him released and promptly gets injured? Subconsciously perhaps. In any case, feel bad for Mike, glad we got Albert for pinch hitting and DH and look forward to seeing him in the World Series this year!!

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