Ross Stripling Tells MLB Network Radio The Dodgers Are Hungry To Win It All

Obviously, the Los Angeles Dodgers look at winning the National League West as a consolation prize. On Thursday, Ross Stripling joined MLB Network Radio for an interview in which he was both candid and confident.

While Stripling was asked about the flow of spring training baseball – he sounded like a player who knows his clubhouse is ready to make the trip back to Los Angeles.

Stripling told the hosts of the show he’s excited about the Dodgers two new big additions, and more.

“Guys have gotten enough at-bats to be ready for the season. Let’s get this last week over with, stay healthy and play 162 and make a run to October. We got two guys in A.J. Pollock and Joe Kelly who should help us make a run. Guys are eager and ready to get out there, and make another run deep into the postseason.”

Whereas in year’s past – the Dodgers would be happy to just be in the running for a title – it sounds like playing for the whole thing is simply table stakes.

Now, it’s nice to have a team with these type of expectations. The Dodgers have a high standard of themselves, and they will sense this barometer all year that should keep the clubhouse in a winning synthesis.

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However, the importance of a fast start will be as imperative as ever before. Equally important, opposing teams have the Dodgers marked on their calendar. When you’re the best, everyone wants their shot to knock the baddest bull off. This is where solid play, health, and leadership will need to respond so the Dodgers can make that third straight World Series appearance possible.

Moreover, confident and winning players like Stripling who know what it takes to make a run will help the cause.

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  1. Embarassing to be a Dodger fan at these times, they should have just let the Brewers give it a shot if they were just going to lay down for the Red Sox. No heart, no anger in their fight to win.

    • I agree. The Brewers would’ve fought harder and wanted it so much more for their fans who were loud every game. LA was responsible for 2 boring sports championships in a row against Boston teams