Rumor: Dodgers ‘On The 10 or 20 Yard Line’ With Bryce Harper

The Los Angeles Dodgers may very well be getting closer with Bryce Harper. This is according to NBC Sports’ Michael Duarte. Furthermore, Duarte went on J.T. The Brick for an interview, providing a nice synopsis of exactly where things are at.

Duarte has been a good source in the past regarding player movement.

“They’re on the 20 or 10 yard line”

Duarte – better known in these parts as ‘The Doctor’ and friend of the Blue Heaven Podcast – said during the interview. Things with Harper have been inching closer, with some rumored involvement by the Chicago Cubs. Still, it appears that the Dodgers are in the driver’s with the superstar outfielder.

Moreover, just a day before Christmas; Harper ‘liked’ a post on MLB’s Instagram page calling the Dodgers the favorite to land him in all of baseball. The signs have been there for a while, and Duarte has indicated that the interest is very mutual between Harper’s camp and the organization.

At times, it feels like a simple waiting game of whether or not this becomes official before the calendar turns to 2019 or not.

The Dodgers could certainly use an everyday outfielder after trading Matt Kemp and Yasiel Puig to the Cincinnati Reds. Now, we wait and see what the play call is from the front office that moves this over the goal line.

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  1. If I owned the Dodgers and had a chance to land Harper or a front line starting pitcher..I would go with the pitcher. Harper has yet to prove himself as a long term factor for any offensive lineup and is more of a celebrity than a offensive horse. We made our bed with the big contract for Matt Kemp in 2012 and had to move him because of the huge $$$. Outfielders are a dime a dozen and can be way over priced.

    • Kemp’s attitude got him traded from the Dodgers, not his contract. Whether it is Harper or another OF’er who can drive in runs, the Dodgers must replace the offense lost from Grandal, Kemp, and Puig.

      • Absolutely correct, SoCal. We are talking about close to 70+ home runs.
        Harper can help replace some of that; and a front line starter can help reduce the pain that other teams are inflicting on us. If we could add Cervalli as catcher, we should be fine. I do not seeing us obtaining Realmuto primarily due to cost factors.

      • You need a right handed bat with some pop to replace Kemp and Puig – no more lefties required – I honestly would prefer getting Kluber instead of Harper – you cannot go into the 2019 season with Barnes as your number 1 catcher – much work still to do.

  2. I am amazed at how people are desperate to spread rumors. If Harper wants 30 plus million and a 7-10 year deal he is not going to get it from the Dodgers. Get real!! signing Harper for a multi year mega-contract deal is not the Dodger or Stan Kasten way.
    Stop reporting on fantasy rumors.
    Find out something that may happen like possibly Kluber or a veteran catcher.
    Long term contracts are not the trend in baseball going forward. Why haven’t reporters and agents figured that out? Long term Mega contracts are a bad bet and bad for business in today’s marketplace.
    Baseball is a BUSINESS. The corporations that own the clubs need to make a solid profit. Look at the Angels and how they have ruined the last several years because of huge contracts. With the Yankees, Cubs and Dodgers talking sound fiscal policy deals are going to get smaller and shorter.

    • You are one of the few bloggers that actually understands that and the business side of baseball. It was great to read. This Dodger’s organization totally understands this, and it’s mind boggling how many fans and writers here don’t.

      • Being on the 20 or 10 yard line depends on what end of the field your on, so they could be close or not close at all. I agree with Arthur in that the best way to go is to trade for kulber, then trade some pitching for a catcher give verdugo a chance in the outfield. Still. Needs answers at 2nd base and a righty outfield

      • Sign Realmuto, Kluber and get 1 more solid right handed batter…Kemp.Puig and Wood can be replaced, although they are good solid baseball players…with a staff of pitchers like Kershaw, Buheler, Ryu, Hill and Urias noone can compete..then you add Kluber and maybe another relief pitcher to go with Kelley, we will dominate the National League…i like Harper, but 200 mil for 7 yrs sounds like a great contract not 10yrs 400mil…Greed, noone is worth that much money to play a kids game…Get Real!

  3. Good day Clint! Harper or no Harper, the Dodgers MUST replace those RH bats they traded away. yes, Puig struggled against LHP but by and large so did pretty much the rest of the team, especially against Boston’s LHP in WS. A RH bat again is a must, and I am not anxious to see an all LH hitting OF. It’s why if Dodgers do sign Harper, then either Verdugo or Pederson are expendable.

    • I believe the Dodgers will be patient with Harper. There’s no hurry. I can’t see anybody paying that kind of long term/big money contract to him right now. Mike Trout is the only outfielder worthy of such a deal. Last year, JD Martinez had to eat much of what he wanted because Boston was patient, forcing Martinez’s agent to a more reasonable deal just before the 2018 season started. Boston’s smart money tactics set the standard for everybody else when it comes to these monster contract requests!!!

    • Lucroy is a good option even if it takes a 2 year offer to sign him. With Dodgers pitching staff, half of games in a pitcher friendly park, I think Lucroy can return to being an elite pitch framer.

  4. Listen to what Kasten has said…He says they have given themselves the flexibility to trade or buy a piece if needed later in the year. They may make a deal yet for Kluber. But do not expect them to do anything large until 1/2 the season is over unless they are seriously playing their way out of the division championship. They are not going to get stupid and sign a 7-10 year defensively flawed outfielder or anyone else. It is not in their Business Plan.
    Friedman has said we may see Smith up later this year and possibly Ruiz in 2020. There is no need to sign a catcher or give away great prospects for a position that is very talented in the Farm System. Same with 2nd base we will probably see Lux late 2019 or early 2020. He will be slated for 2nd base if needed. Estevez and the newly required Jeter Downs will probably be up in 2020 or 2021. They have a plan. Some of it depends on Seagers arm, Turner’s ability to stay healthy and Muncy’s ability to play second base and hit. This team as it sits wins the Western Division going away barring a key injury. And if Verdugo and Toles come up and play well look how young they will be and cost effective…If Urias is now healthy a starting rotation of Kershaw, Buehler, Ryu, Hill and Maeda with Urias, Stripling and Ferguson in the BP waiting their turn is one of the best rotations in baseball. Plus they have Santana, White, May and other young arms on the Farm and coming up. I think they will wait as they have the luxury of being in a weak division to see how Urias pitches before they make a major trade. If you look at what they have done and what they cryptically say they are not going to make a deal just to keep the fans talking.