The race for Giancarlo Stanton is beginning to heat up. While the Giants and Cardinals have been viewed as the front runners for some time, this gained some traction today. The Giants are still viewed as the most likely destination, but the Cardinals are not far behind.

National Sports Radio host for SiriusXM, Craig Mish, joined The Morning After radio show to discuss the current situation.

This could be bad news for fans of the Dodgers or Red Sox who are hoping to see the MVP wearing their team’s uniform. The Giants and Marlins have discussed names like Joe Panik, Tyler Beede, and Chris Shaw, but it’s still unclear what exactly St. Louis is offering, other than pitching prospect Sandy Alcantara.

While Alcantara would be a great piece to headline a deal, the Giants still hold an advantage. This is in large part because of their willingness to take on Stanton’s entire contract.

That alone makes the offer more appealing to the Marlins, who are desperately trying to reduce their payroll moving forward. It was recently reported that if Stanton did not approve a trade the roster would be stripped down around him to save money. Whether the Cardinals would be willing to match the Giants and take on the entire contract is still unclear. It seems very unlikely that the Dodgers, who continue to work to get under the luxury tax threshold, would be willing to take on that much money.

However, Mish did comment about the Dodgers still being a contender:

While the Dodgers adding Stanton would be a huge boost to their already great lineup, keeping him out of San Francisco would certainly be a bonus. If the Dodgers were to acquire the slugger, the Marlins would more than likely need to eat some salary. They could also offer to take on one of the Dodgers bigger contracts to soften the hit.

With talks getting more serious, we may see a deal sooner rather than later. Where will Stanton end up? Let us know in the comments!

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