Should The Dodgers Make a Blockbuster Trade for Francisco Lindor, Nolan Arenado, or Kris Bryant?

The Dodgers have been linked to several big-name players this offseason including Cleveland Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor, Colorado Rockies third basemen Nolan Arenado, and Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant.

Should the Dodgers jump on a chance to land another impact player this offseason?

We take a look at some potential blockbuster trades and assess the likelihood of the reigning World Series champions making a move. Plus, is Corey Seager now the best shortstop in the game?


More is coming down the pipeline for the offseason hot stove, but we know Andrew Friedman is engaged in something every single day. Could the exec of the year sneak another blockbuster on us? Let me know who you think helps the Dodgers most in 2021 and beyond.


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Written by Doug McKain


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  1. None of these players are needed, To lower the payroll we need to bring up one of our minor league players. Bauer from the reds would be a great add.

    • Exactly I agree with you completely except the Dodgers do not need Bauer either as the Dodgers have plenty of young arms and if they decide to keep Seager, Bellinger, Buehler, and Urias in the coming few years they need all of the payroll flexibility they can get.
      The Cubs are in a terrible bind because they spent too much money on players other than their young core players and now may need to sacrifice one.
      The Dodgers should let Pederson and Hernandez go as they have players in the system that can replace them. It is how baseball works. you can’t keep them all you must bring up low-cost players to fill out the bullpen and bench.

  2. No!! Whenever these trades are brought up we show yoh plenty of reasons why they are bad trades! Plus Friedman doesn’t make them! Everyone was for the trade for Mookie but not these. Why do journalists keep brining it up?
    Sign JT, solidify the bullpen, sign a proven rh bat like Freese. Period. Why do anything more??

  3. We need to give the Dodgers young ones a chance . For example….I think if Beatty played every day he would turn into a very productive player in offense and defense , why he is not recognized, is because he has not playing enough ,the Dodgers saw something in him at one time give him, ( Beatty ) McKinstry , and few other young players a fair chance! GET SOME MORE PITCHING and get rid of the has beens !

  4. The great thing about Friedman is he doesn’t make these kind of mistakes. He keeps the right players, drafts well, builds from within, picks up a few sleepers like Muncy and Taylor, and doesn’t fall into the trap of blowing out his payroll with every star who is available at ungodly rates who want to be paid til they are 39 YO, saves it for the ultimate, like Betts. Best GM in the industry.

  5. Year after year it’s these same players that pop up!! Haven’t we kicked the tires, enough to move on?!?

  6. Nah bro. We literally don’t need to make any moves this offseason and we’ll still dominate the NL. However, some smaller moves that probably should happen are resigning Turner to a 1-2 yr deal, reinforcing the bullpen through a flyer like Yates or Anthony Bass and a surplus addition of Trevor May plus whatever other low-level moves Friedman and co can find. That is pretty much it. Like, literally.

  7. Please, please don’t let Arenado leave for the Dodgers. I want my Cardinals to go get him at WHATEVER it might cost. I’ll trade anyone except Goldschmidt, including Flaherty or anyone else on our roster. With 1st and 3rd anchored, the Cards could make heads turn. Getting these positions solidified is much more important than keeping ANY pitcher around who is always, these days, only one pitch away from disaster.

    Cards- is anybody listening up there?

      • Johnmichael, for one thing I am not so sure any Cardinal pitcher would be enough by themselves to get any deal for Arenado done. And Nolan can opt out after 2021, which makes it somewhat unwise for Dodgers to give up a haul for him.I know one thing for sure, and is it would be a nightmare trying to survive a full season in Denver if I were that pitcher.

    • So you want to trade your ace just so you can have power on the corner infield positions? Kind if cancels each other out, you have more power but less pitching. Reminds me of the kind of move the Dodgers used to make in the 90’s

  8. SENOR TORTAS, I was referring to the Bullpen AS HAS BEENS ( NO DISRESPECT TO THEM )( I should have used a different phrase)… but in especially the closing role.I won’t name, names, but the Dodgers hurt in that Department,I also said give the younger players a chance named a few as an EXAMPLE as of the case involving LUX he is young and certainly deserves a chance , STAY SAFE .

    • Never get Springer or any of those cheaters! What are you thinking?! Thats like hiring the guy that stole your car and screwed your wife! Never! And since the commish didn’t punish the players I wish all teams would boycott signing any of them. Let them resign with Houston or go play in the Mexican league.

  9. We need to.stay the course. Resign Justin. Maybe. Treinan if it’s 2 years at no more than 7 or 8 per. And extend Corey and Clayton. Maybe one other reliever. Let the kids play. Get more time for Lux and Rios. We have no glaring needs. Even our closer situation may not be too bad. Urias? Victor? Tony?

  10. If the Dodgers want to keep winning a World Series they should sign Lindor or DJ LeMahieu. The NY Yankees have done it for some time, but they got smart and brought many Elite players to create their dynasty. The DODGERS have the money so lets take advantage of that.

    • Sign Lindor and let Bellinger go in free agency? That is what would have to happen. If Belli rebounds to his normal season play next year, the former MVP will command 26-28 million in free agency. With Seager coming of age in free agency what are you going to sign him with and where are you going to play him if you have Lindor? Third, First? Sounds like more than tinkering. This team just won a championship with out any of these other teams hotdogs and while I believe Arenado in Dodger Blue would be a sight to see, I just can’t see the Dodgers tying up that kind of money for one guy when they will need their treasure to sign the core of their team… Bellinger, Seager and Buehler in the next two years.

  11. Like I said before if the team is not broken why fix it? No we don’t need to add any of these players on this team this team has the right chemistry to Win it All for many more years to come so don’t mess with it we have plenty of young prospects eagerly and waiting for their opportunity to prove themselves. “The 2020 World Series Champions LA Dodgers!!!
    Let’s Do a Repeat on 2021!!!

  12. These are the Dodgers! This is Dodgers baseball much like in the O’Malley years! This is not the Yankees or Artie Moreno either! Friedman etal do it the right way, the Dodgers way! Excellent Scouting & Player Development Depts, High end Instructional systems, Drafting Excellently thru all the draft rounds. Trades and acquisitions are specific strikes with defined limits of cost in assets and in Capital($). They are the model personnel managing Franchise in all of Sports. Big names do not win championships nor do they maintain contending for championships year after year. Teams developed with close knit relationships and open communications between staff and players win consistently in today’s pro sports franchises!
    Friedman etal know exactly what they need to add or retain to maintain their status. They will strike where needed and will promote from within as only they know best! Moves will be made by close calculation and by precise risk to value evaluations!
    No worries about this star or that star! It comes down to fit apportioned to need with a focused eye on the immediate future! Hats off to an excellent Franchise in an awful time in Pro Sports!

  13. Of those three, I’d prefer Bryant because he might want a change of scenery plus he’d be a much cheaper trade deal than Arenado or Lindor. Plus we don’t know what the contract situation is for Turner or if the Dodgers’ front office want to pay him the amount of money he n his agent want.

  14. Some of you crack me up. A year ago after the Nationals meltdown all I heard was “fire Roberts” and “Friedman can only handle no budget teams.” Now Friedman is the GM for a lifetime. We certainly have short memories.

    • No what happened was he actually did what he’s supposed to and wallah we won. Also allowing a blend of analytics and gut in the crucial games proved to be perfect. The Rays on the other hand never strayed and it cost them in the end

  15. Agree with David Passarello- the tightknit clubhouse is so very important. Remember the SF Giants in 2010, 2012, and 2014? The same young core through it all. And they were very, very close. They all came up through the minors together.

    The problem is, they don’t draft well, and they don’t develop well. Then, they got OLD!

    A big part of our core all came up together: Seager, Buehler, Bellinger, and Urias earlier, and Smith, Rios, Beaty, Lux, May, Gonsolin, McKinstry, Thomas, Peters, Raley, White, and Ruiz most recently. Those bonds are a powerful force…

  16. The great thing about baseball is that we all feel like general managers each off season.The traditions,records,history and yes,even second guessing,make it so much fun.I have been a fan all my life,starting in my childhood in Brooklyn,and saw Robinson,Hodges,CampSnider and the rest all play there.I even saw Koufax pitch in Ebbets field when he was 18.I was 10.Baseball and the Dodgers have been one of the great joys of my life.By the way,I only attended one world series game in my life.Kirk Gibson did something pretty special.

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