Spring Training News: Half of the Dodgers Team Out Sick

As the sweet smell of cut grass and the sweeter sound of a wood bat conquer the Arizona air, we know baseball is back. Arizona and Florida are flooded by now with droves of sports reporters, baseball fans, and hopeful candidates to crack a big league squad. This year is no different, but there is also something else in the air. As the dreaded flu ravages it’s way throughout the United States, the Dodgers have proven not to be immune.

In fact, there were quite a few Dodgers players that have come down with the sickness over the past few days. It’s so bad that the team had to put in air purifiers in the clubhouse to make sure it doesn’t spread any further.  As of Wednesday, Dave Roberts has sent home over 25 people to rest and avoid further contamination. As LA Times writer Andy McCullough reported, it’s not looking good.

Clearly, all is not well in Dodger Town. The only real upside to this is that fans are really getting to see the depth the Los Angeles organization. The lineup even had Andrew Toles batting third in Wednesday’s game. Not something you’re likely to see after the team is back up to full health. Regardless, the illness has hurt the camp pretty bad. Perhaps they should all take a page out of Toles’ book of keeping healthy.

Spring Camp Will Inevitably Hurt

The real trouble with this sickness is that it will set camp behind a few days. Anyone who has had this flu knows that death feels like it’s right on your door step. And it will certainly take more than a few days to get back to 100 percent. With some key players out, they are sure to fall a but behind schedule. More than that though, it really hurts those trying to get onto the big league roster. It’s difficult to prove you’re ready for the show when you can’t get out of bed.

Here’s wishing the team well, and hoping this is the last clubhouse sickness of the year.

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