2010 State Of The Dodgers

Dodger Fans, Critics, 2008-2009 Bandwagon left overs, distinguished guests, and fellow Americans:

Our team owner Frank McCourt is currently struggling to keep the team under his control. Our General Manager has struggled to provide the necessary pieces to successfully compete in our division. Our Manager has struggled to balance the team chemistry. Our Pitching Staff has struggled to keep us in games. Our Starters have struggled to keep the errors down to a reasonable number. The result is an 8-13 record, losing a season high 4 games in a row, a starting rotation ERA of 4.92, and losing Furcal, Padilla, Manny to injuries.

Yes, a horrible way to start the season. However, sooner or later you reach a point of hitting rock bottom. Once you reach that point (and we have to be close), you look yourself in the mirror and make things better. Well, this needs to start from the top and trickle down the line. Frank, open that check book and get us another starter. Ned, do your job and rather than bashing Matt Kemp, try working with your friend Scott Boras on a deal with Jarrod Washburn. Torre, you get a pass for being Joe Torre. Pitching staff, man up, we need to be kept in ball games. Starting position players, way too many errors, do your part of keeping the Dodgers in games.

That said, I look forward to our future successful series against the Pirates at home.

– Dodgers Nation

Written by Staff Writer


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