Swept in St. Louis with Bill Plunkett: Dodgers Hit Rocky Bottom | Episode 51 | Blue Heaven Podcast

From the high of week one to the lows of a sweep in Dodger Hell II (St. Louis).


Bill Plunkett of the Orange County Register visits Blue Heaven from the evil land of St. Louis to help try and ease the jump-ship mindset of Dodger fans.

We go over some of the good, the bad, and ugly with 5 topics ranging from whether Cody Bellinger’s hot start is sustainable, to will Chris Taylor ever hit again.

Kershaw returns

It was announced that Clayton Kershaw would be making his season debut on Monday at Dodger Stadium, on Jackie Robinson Day, against Yasiel Puig and the Reds. Must-watch TV for sure.

Brook walks us through some of his favorite editorials from the passed week here on the site, including:

Plus the latest Tweet of the Week, and Brook’s thoughts on MLB Food Fest 2019.

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