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    Dodgers 2019 NLDS: Believe in Walker Buehler

    When the Dodgers cruised their way to a franchise record 106 wins in the regular season, there was optimism that it would translate into a similarly smooth October. The 2017 team, despite losing their historic dominance during the 1-16 nosedive, managed to snap back into form to almost go undefeated for the entire NL playoffs.  […] More

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    Dodgers: The Bittersweetness of Rich Hill’s Return

    As an uncharacteristically strong April winds down for the Dodgers, the month ends on an especially reassuring note with their starting pitching finally at full strength. After their emergency rotation was quickly exposed in the four-game sweep by St. Louis, they have steadily regained balance in the arms department with the returns of Clayton Kershaw […] More