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    2019 vs. 2017: Which Dodgers Team Was Better?

    With the success that the 2019 Los Angeles Dodgers have experienced thus far, many fans have been led to ask a question that they likely never expected to ask so soon: Is this team better than they were in 2017? So, Dodgers Nation decided to ask Dodgers twitter what they thought. And, while responses and […] More

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    2019 MLB Predictions: Dodgers Nation Roundtable

    We here at Dodgers Nation aren’t just hardcore scribes for our team. We care just as much for the game at large, and offer you our predictions for the 2019 MLB season! Division Predictions Marshall Garvey (@MarshallGarvey): NL West Dodgers Rockies Padres Diamondbacks Giants NL Central Cardinals Brewers (WC #1) Cubs Reds Pirates NL East […] More

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    2019 Dodgers Projections: The Outfield

    In this article series, I’ll be breaking down Baseball-Reference projections, and providing my own projections for the 2019 Dodgers. Earlier articles: Infield: Dodger Infielder Projections: Baseball Reference Joc Pederson Joc, like many Dodgers, had a fairly confusing 2018. At times he looked as lost at the plate as anyone has ever been, while others he […] More