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    Best and Worst Free Agency Signings of the Last 10 Years

    In case you haven’t heard (or solely rely on a newspaper for the news), Kevin Durant, who is a top five player in the NBA, signed with the Golden State Warriors in free agency. This massively chances the NBA landscape, as the NBA has its new “villain” team. These free agency bombshells don’t happen in […] More

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    Dodgers Rumors: Could A-Rod Push Robinson Cano To The Dodgers?

    It’s difficult to talk about the off-season while the Dodgers are playing so well, but there are reports that Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano is no lock to stay in the Bronx. A free agent after the season, Cano will command an insane contract that the Dodgers could pay, but he’s 30-years-old and could be […] More