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    What does the Future Hold for James Loney?

    There was a time when first baseman James Loney was considered to be a future cornerstone of the franchise. He, along with Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, and at the time Russell Martin, were seen as the core that would lead the Dodgers back to the glory days. Kemp and Ethier have excelled, being rewarded with […] More

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    Dodgers Rumors: Is Shane Victorino The Answer?

    It appears that Shane Victorino is wearing out his welcome in Philadelphia. He was scratched from the line-up this past Sunday after arriving late and complaining about hitting seventh. Not exactly the team player personality that Colletti so desires… Jon Heyman from CBS Sports shared this “bit” of information: Dodgers have a bit of interest […] More

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    Dodgers at Mariners Pre-Game: Hits Please

    How do you ever recover from a no-hitter? Well, putting Clayton Kershaw on the mound is a great way to start. The Mariners come into game two riding the league’s longest active interleague play winning streak at five games, while the Dodgers continue their interleague struggles. Opposing Kershaw is Jason Vargas, the Mariners lefty who […] More

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    Dodgers vs Astros Pre-game: Is the end near?

    The world is coming to an end! The Dodgers have lost two games in a row! The no-names stopped hitting! Sure, those thoughts have crossed our mind. Losing to the Diamondbacks and Astros (with Kershaw on the mound no-less) doesn’t help, but I’m here to tell you it’s not time to panic in Dodgertown quite […] More

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    Dodgers vs D-Backs Pre-Game: Whatever Works to Win

    Matt Treanor. Justin Sellers. Scott Van Slyke. The average MLB fan couldn’t name them. The average Dodger fan couldn’t pick them out of a lineup. At the end of the day though, who cares? As the Dodgers continue their miraculous stretch of winning games with a lineup that resembles a mish-mash of leftovers, cast-offs and […] More

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    Dodgers vs Cardinals Pre-Game: Kershaw Time For Redbirds

    It has to be nice to be Jake Westbrook these days. The right-hander, who faces Clayton Kershaw Saturday night, has posted an impressive 4-2 record and a 2.35 ERA. A deeper look, however, reveals that those numbers just might be a product of his competition. In seven starts thus far, Westbrook has faced the 15-24 […] More

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    Don’t give Ned a pass yet

    For those who haven’t seen it already, the LA Times’ Steve Dilbeck wrote an article today urging people to get off of Dodger General Manager Ned Colletti’s back. Unfortunately for Ned, I’m not quite sure I’m ready to. To summarize, Dilbeck (rightly) gives credit to Colletti for the moves he made this off-season, signing players […] More

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    Dodgers vs Cubs Pre-Game: Keep Cappy Rolling

    With Matt Garza‘s start being moved to Sunday because of an illness, the Dodgers will face Chris Volstad on just four days rest. Volstad, who is 0-3 on the season with a 6.11 ERA, has seen the Cubs lose in his last six starts dating back to the end of last season. In those six […] More

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    Rumor Mill : Dodgers Hot On Abreu

    It might be an off day for the Dodgers ball-club, but the front office will be hard at work today. Last Friday, the Anaheim Angels cut Bobby Abreu to make room for 20-year-old Mike Trout. Yesterday, Dodgers introduced the new ownership group and much more! Today, Ned Colletti has his first test with new ownership […] More