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    Dodgers Surface In Brad Hand Trade Discussion

    Recently, I looked back on a time when reliever Brad Hand was the biggest want on my wish-list. Now, we are right back where we started with the 29-year old reliever. With the floundering Cleveland Indians checking in at 34-32 (10.5 games back in their division), there’s a chance that Cleveland could be sellers at […] More

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    Dodgers News: Padres Considering Lower Offers for Brad Hand

    Tomorrow is the trade deadline and teams are starting to panic. Both the sellers and the buyers are starting to scramble to make things happen. The Padres clearly are ready to part ways with Brand Hand. Originally they were asking for top prospects like Verdugo, but they’ve made it very clear that they are lowering […] More

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    Dodgers News: Padres Asked for Alex Verdugo in Brad Hand Trade Talks

    The Dodgers are looking for a left-handed reliever to bolster the back end of their bullpen. With Luis Avilan struggling mightily, Grant Dayton inconsistent and Adam Liberatore injured, the team does not have a genuinely trustworthy left-handed option that they can use in the bullpen. In steps Brad Hand of the San Diego Padres. He […] More