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    Dodgers Rumors: Latest Update on Manager Search

    We’ve had evaluations and examinations of basically everything on this Monday morning/afternoon, so why not also update the Los Angeles Dodgers’ search for a new manager? Basically, ever since Darrin Erstad pulled his name from contention, nothing is really that new. ICYMI: Examining Misconceptions Around Dodgers’ Cost-Cutting That said, ESPN’s Mark Saxon did drop an interested tidbit about […] More

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    Dodgers News: Kapler, Black, Erstad Intervewing (Updated Report)

    Literally minutes after the first report claiming Kirk Gibson was one of those being interviewed in this second round for the Los Angeles Dodgers’ managerial search, other reports to contrary surfaced. In this industry, basically, it’s all about “sources”, people close to situations and what journalists are “hearing”. This is just the latest example. ICYMI: Dodgers […] More

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    Dodgers Rumors: Nationals Change Course; Hire Baker

    In an incredible turn of events, the Washington Nationals have altered course and offered Dusty Baker – not Bud Black as previously reported – the job as manager. Why does this matter on a Dodgers website? Put simply, the guy the Nationals seemingly passed on is a better option for the Dodgers. That isn’t a […] More