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    How Do the Dodgers Stack Up Against Baseball’s Superteams?

    Astros. Cubs. Dodgers. Indians. Red Sox. Yankees. It remains likely that either of these six teams will be parading this fall and will be dawned as World Series champions. FiveThirtyEight gives these six teams a 82 percent chance of winning the 2018 Fall Classic, in comparison to an 18 percent chance for the other 24 […] More

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    Baseball Is The Most Unpredictable Sport

    With today’s fast-paced lifestyle and things constantly grabbing our attention it is easy to call baseball “boring” and “slow.” And to a degree, the haters are right. It’s a change of pace from what we are used to today, which makes sense because baseball is America’s national pastime. But baseball’s slow natured game and its […] More

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    The Possibility of A Dodgers And Royals Trade

    Winning a World Series is the pinnacle of the baseball mountain, but a champion’s landscape can change just a few months later. Just ask the Kansas City Royals. After winning it all in 2015, the 2016 Royals slipped to third place in the American League Central with an 81-81 record. Most expected Kansas City to […] More

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    The Whole Dodgers Team Must Contribute to Take NLCS

    There’s no way around it: To win a seven game series, you have to win on the road. The Dodgers, behind another brilliant performance by postseason hero Clayton Kershaw, stole one in Chicago Sunday night. That victory gives the team homefield advantage with three straight games at Chavez Ravine upcoming. Protect your house and you’re […] More

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    2011 Trade Deadline : Rumor Tracker

    We’re going to do our best to track down all Dodgers related rumors up until the trade deadline on Sunday at 1:00pm PT. Some of these will be far fetched, while others will have more credibility. On Sunday morning, we’ll launch a live chat room for everyone to discuss the news and it’s coming down […] More