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    The Dodgers Can No Longer Manipulate The DL

    Dodger fans shouldn’t be frightened – the Dodgers will no doubt be using the injured list as liberally as they have in the past few years. MLB has just decided to make a terminology change. Disabled List Name Change Jeff Passan reported today that MLB will no longer be using the term “disabled list”. The distinction […] More

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    MLB Looking To Make Rule Changes That Would Effect the Dodgers

    It appears that Major League Baseball may be aiming to mitigate teams manipulating their 25-man rosters. According to a source from an article published by the Associated Press. [MLB] has proposed going back to a 15-day disabled list and increasing the time optioned players usually must spend in the minor leagues — moves aimed at […] More

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    Kiké Do You Love Me? | Episode 14 | Blue Heaven Podcast

    This week on Blue Heaven, Kevin and FRG reminisce about their time spent with the heart of the Dodgers Nation family, including witnessing a Yasmani Grandal walk-off, meeting Joe Davis and Dieter Ruehle IRL at the stadium, and a key member experiencing the yips for the first time. They also visit again with former Dodgers […] More