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    Rumor Mill : Dodgers Hot On Abreu

    It might be an off day for the Dodgers ball-club, but the front office will be hard at work today. Last Friday, the Anaheim Angels cut Bobby Abreu to make room for 20-year-old Mike Trout. Yesterday, Dodgers introduced the new ownership group and much more! Today, Ned Colletti has his first test with new ownership […] More

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    Juan Pierre – Rumored Possible 3-Way Trade

    UPDATE: SI’s Jon Heyman reports via Twitter that the New York Mets would consider dealing Second Baseman Luis Castillo to the Dodgers in exchange for Pierre. The thinking is that the Dodgers will shed payroll and acquire a serviceable second baseman in Castillo. Stay tuned. Juan Pierre : 3-4 Teams Interested… Juan Pierre, might be […] More

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    Dodger Trade Rumors

    Dodger Trade Rumors: It’s no secret the Dodgers are looking to improve their pitching staff. It’s also no secret the Dodgers aren’t willing to trade Kemp, Kershaw, Billingsley, or Broxton. I’m not sure if Martin, Loney, and Ethier make the untouchable list, but I think we all know the Dodgers time to shine is 2009 […] More