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    Rich Hill Peed On My Blister | Episode 3 | Blue Heaven Podcast

    This week on Blue Heaven, Kevin and FRG get to actually discuss the Dodgers doing well! …for all of a minute. Kevin helps Dodgers nation navigate deeper through the TV blackout, now in its fifth year. FRG guides us through some of the issues afflicting the pitching staff, before welcoming Robin Stewart, owner of “Rip […] More

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    Happy Fun Time Sports: All of Us Are Losers

    This week on Happy Fun Time Sports, Kevin and Fat Ryan Gosling (FRG) discuss some pressing issues facing the Dodgers, including: What to do about Pedro Baez An intriguing blockbuster trade proposal What’s going on with Clayton Kershaw FRG’s literal BAE of the week Be sure to catch the guys every week on Dodgers Nation! […] More