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    Dodgers: Max Muncy Wants More From Astros Players

    Another day, another Houston Astros related article being released. Pedro Moura of The Athletic sat down with Dodgers’ first baseman Max Muncy this week to discuss his opinion on the Astros response to their scandal. And to put it lightly, Max was not satisfied with the responses. A one-on-one with Max Muncy, a player who […] More

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    Dodgers Vs Astros World Series Preview: Position Players

    They’ve done it. After 29 long, trying years, the Dodgers have finally reached the World Series. Their counterpart, the Houston Astros, had their challenge as well, but the prevailed and the two teams are set to meet in a World Series for the first time ever. Well, that’s cheating seeing as the Astros couldn’t have […] More