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    Dodger Rumors: Dec 9th 2009

    Dodgers 2B Possibilities: Dylan Hernandez tweets, “Ronnie Belliard, Craig Counsell, Juan Uribe and Jamey Carroll are among the 2B possibilities for the Dodgers.” Juan Pierre To Tigers? The Detriot Tigers are interested in Juan Pierre. It’s said they’re looking for a third team to get involved in the deal to supply the pitching to the […] More

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    Dodger Rumors: Dec 8th 2009

    Dodger Rumors: Dec 8th 2009 Kevin Millwood Dodgers discuss Kevin Millwood trade with Rangers. Millwood is set to make 12M in 2010. Dodgers are in need of starting pitching. Dodgers would need to dump Pierres salary to take on Millwoods salary. Interesting rumor… However, as we know a rumor is just that. I don’t mind […] More