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    Chronicling Walker Buehler’s 10th Start vs. Angels

    Dodgers Nation will be following Walker Buehler’s starts as he seeks to be the next elite Dodgers pitcher. The Dodgers have a history of dominant players on the mound from Sandy Koufax to Don Drysdale to Clayton Kershaw. As a former first round pick and a highly touted prospect, Buehler looks to be the next […] More

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    Who Should Be the Dodgers Top 5 Trade Targets?

    Dodger fans are restless as the team’s offense continues to struggle. Sure, timely home runs lifted L.A. to a series win over Arizona. But before that, the Dodgers scored 13 runs in 6 games in series losses to Colorado and San Francisco. At one point, the team had 13 hits in its last 34 innings, as […] More