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    The Dodgers’ Lineup: What It Should Look Like

    The Dodgers have quite the lineup and collection of offensive players. Manager Dave Roberts is doing something right by not sticking to one distinct lineup everyday. It has worked for multiple years. The offense is on a historic pace at this point and so is the defense. Still, with a little bit more of proper […] More

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    Dodgers Opening Day: Full Official Opening Day Lineup

    It’s finally time! Yes, it’s Opening Day in Los Angeles. Therefore, King Arthur is back and Camelot; system homestasis restored, all that good stuff. I wrote this post last year for Opening Day. It’s a decent little read about why time begins on Opening Day. Now, the Dodgers have an official lineup card out for […] More

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    The Dodgers Have a Perfect Leadoff Hitter

    As the Dodgers’ roster is currently constructed, they don’t have a “traditional” leadoff hitter. The favorite to leadoff is A.J. Pollock, but I already discussed why that wouldn’t be ideal, and Joc Pederson, who also isn’t ideal. But they do have the perfect leadoff hitter on their roster: Max Muncy. Muncy, a 28-year-old, left-handed hitter, […] More

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    Dodgers: A.J. Pollock Should Not Leadoff

    When the Los Angeles Dodgers announced the signing of A.J. Pollock, many fans assumed he would leadoff for the team. On the surface, it makes some sense, but the team would be better off with him in the middle of the order. Pollock leading off makes sense because the Dodgers don’t currently have a traditional […] More

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    NLCS: Breaking Down The Brewers Lineup

    The 2018 Milwaukee Brewers have been a whole lot of fun to watch. The Brew Crew’s success lies on the shoulders of guys like Lorenzo Cain, slugger Jesus Aguilar, and most notably, MVP candidate Christian Yelich. This well-rounded lineup is the most consistent lineup in all of baseball. Where It All Started I believe that […] More

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    Dodgers’ Lineup Construction: End of Game Matchup Issues?

    I’ve observed something over the last few games in regards to lineup construction. The trend I’ve noticed seems to lead to disadvantages in the late innings.  For example, let’s take a look at the starting lineup for July 14th. 7-14-18 Dodgers starting nine:Taylor SSHernandez LFKemp RFMuncy 3BForsythe 2BBellinger 1BToles CFBarnes CWood P — Ron Cervenka […] More

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    Dodgers News: Dodgers Game 5 Starting Lineup Causes Confusion

    Prior to the game, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts surprised many people on his starting lineup for Game 5 of the NLCS. Roberts always has an explanation for his madness since entering the 2016 postseason. How will this effect the Dodgers in the end? Dodgers Starting Lineup Enrique Hernandez – 2B Justin Turner – 3B Corey […] More