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    Examining the Top Dodgers Postseason Villains

    As the Dodgers kick off their seventh straight postseason, expectations are high…as is fan anxiety. One reason for this isn’t just the many heartbreaks the Dodger faithful have endured. It’s that so many of these heartbreaks seem to be dished out primarily by one-man shows.  It’s one thing when you just get beaten by a […] More

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    Dodgers News And Rumors: Matt Carpenter Praises Dodgers

    [new_royalslider id=”338″] The Los Angeles Dodgers had the highest payroll in baseball this season and were a favorite to win the World Series; the St. Louis Cardinals had a payroll $124 million less than that of the Dodgers. Despite the difference in payroll and arguably talent, the Cardinals outplayed the Dodgers for the second straight […] More

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    Dodgers Series Recap: L.A. Drops 2 of 3 to 1st Place Cardinals

    Another weekend, another Dodgers series loss, this time to the NL best St. Louis Cardinals.  After a 7-0 walkover by the Cardinals on Friday night, the Dodgers competed in the next two games of the series.  Adrian Gonzalez led the Dodgers’ offense with home runs in Saturday’s 5-3 win and Sunday’s 5-3 loss, while Ted […] More