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    Greatest Home Run Catch by a Fan in Dodger Stadium History

    Every baseball fan has dreamt of the day that they get the chance to catch a ball at the stadium. Over the last couple of years, we have seen some incredible fan catches. A personal favoite for me is fans holding their babies and making the one-handed grab. There is also the classic “catch it […] More

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    Dodgers: Will Smith Extends History with Home Run

    After the Dodgers had back-to-back games with a walk-off home run from a rookie, they made baseball history. It was something that had never been done before, and likely something that couldn’t be topped… Until the next day. Rookie catcher Will Smith, who was just added to the roster today, was called on to pinch-hit […] More

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    Dodgers: MLB Umpires Association Tweets, Former Dodger Responds

    The Major League Baseball Umpires Association has taken the gloves off, er, face masks off. They were apparently none too pleased about Manny Machado’s meager 1 game suspension. Here is the mess of a tweet sent out by MLB Umpires Association. #Disappointed #LeadByExample #NotAppreciated #Violence #TemperTantrum #Inaction #NotTolerated #MakeanExampleof #OneGameSuspension #RepeatOffender #Nonsense #MLBUA @MLB @Padres […] More

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    Dodgers: Hyun-Jin Just Keeps cRYUsing

    Dodgers’ starting pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu has been lights out all season and Monday was no different. After throwing 6 innings and allowing one run against the Anaheim Angels, Ryu became the second starting pitcher in history to begin a season with 13 consecutive starts in which he allowed 2 runs or less, according to MLB […] More

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    Dodgers’ Cody Bellinger: Best Right Fielder in the Game

    Cody Bellinger’s offense has been well documented through the Dodgers’ first 54 games of the season.  He’s been absolutely dominant in that time, leading nearly every offensive category in the National League. A closer look though, and one will see that he’s grown to become the best right fielder in baseball as well. Cody Bellinger […] More

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    Next Steps with Dodgers Julio Urias’ Domestic Abuse Allegations

    Julio Urias was arrested and charged with domestic violence Monday night. Witnesses say they saw him push a woman to the ground in the parking lot of a shopping center. Following this news, Urias could be placed on administrative leave while the league investigates the charges. Major League Baseball and Major League Baseball Players Association […] More

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    Baseball’s Biggest Problems

    You often hear people say something along the lines of, “baseball is a dying sport! It’s too slow and boring! That’s why attendance is dropping and ratings are down!” That person is entitled to their wrong opinion. The main problem comes when the commissioner of Major League Baseball, Rob Manfred, shares that opinion. His focus […] More

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    Report: MLB Changes Roster Rules for 2020

    MLB and the MLBPA have agreed to a deal with some notable changes coming in the near future according to ESPN. The long-awaited MLB/MLBPA deal is done, sources tell ESPN, and includes a single trade deadline, an All-Star Game Election Day, expanded rosters in 2020 and, most important, a pledge to start bargaining over fundamental […] More

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