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    Dodgers: Making Los Angeles A Little More Sonny

    After 2 straight World Series losses, Los Angeles is probably feeling a little Gray. We would all be better off if it was a bit more Sonny. If you didn’t catch that, The Dodgers should attempt to acquire right-handed pitcher Sonny Gray from the New York Yankees. Yes, the same Sonny Gray coming off a season […] More

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    How Do the Dodgers Stack Up Against Baseball’s Superteams?

    Astros. Cubs. Dodgers. Indians. Red Sox. Yankees. It remains likely that either of these six teams will be parading this fall and will be dawned as World Series champions. FiveThirtyEight gives these six teams a 82 percent chance of winning the 2018 Fall Classic, in comparison to an 18 percent chance for the other 24 […] More

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    DodgersNation Road Trip: Day 2 in New York

    Day 2 in New York was an entire party for DodgersNation and Pantone 294. Beginning at the Top of the Rock. The two groups went to the top of the historic Rockefeller Center to gather the scenery that was the skyline of New York. When in N.Y. — Elisa Hernandez (@EHernandezTV) September 11, 2016 The […] More

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    Dodgers Nation Road Trip: Pantone 294 Lands in New York

    DodgersNation has linked up with Pantone 294 to make a 2,788 mile trek to the other side of the country. Pantone 294 has invaded New York and DodgerNation made their first trip alongside the super fan group. With the Dodgers scheduled to start a three-game set against the Yankees beginning on Monday, Sept. 12, the Pantone 294 […] More

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    What Rob Segedin Tells Us About Running a Sports Franchise

    Just moments before Rob Segedin blasted a two-run double off David Price in his historic big league debut, I received a text message saying, “Rob Segdoin, who the f— is that?”. As the Dodgers enter week two of the Rob Segedin era, anybody asking, “who is Rob Segedin?”, has obviously not been paying much attention to the team. In the week since his […] More

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    A look at the six AL matchups for the Dodgers in 2013

    The Dodgers head to Baltimore to open interleague play this weekend against the Orioles. This season marks the first of continuous interleague play throughout the season. Whereas in years past, certain periods of the season were set aside strictly for interleague play, this year, an interleague matchup can occur at any time between any two teams. More

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    Taking a Look at the 2013 Schedule

    As the 2013 season is just days away, it’s time to take a look at the Dodgers’ schedule this season to breakdown where there might be important stretches — especially considering the early-season injuries. With Hanley Ramirez missing the first few weeks of the season, the Dodgers will need some immediate contributions from guys like […] More

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    Spending Wars Separate Winners and Losers of Offseason

    The Dodgers continued to flex their new financial muscles by landing the prize of the free agent class, pitcher Zack Greinke. The 2009 Cy Young winner will be rocking Dodger Blue to the tune of 6 years/$147 million. On top of that, the Dodgers re-asserted their presence on the international scene by signing ace Korean […] More