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    Dodgers Latin American IFA Class Showing Star-Level Potential

    The Dodgers have graduated many top prospects in recent years and still maintain one of the most premier minor league systems in Major League Baseball. It appears as if this will continue to be aided with an excellent scouting and player development departments. This will keep the Dodgers’ contention window open for a long time. […] More

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    Dodgers Sign a 18 Year Old Taquero From Mexico

    This might be the most L.A. story you’ll read all day, but it’s a feel good one about one of our favorite topics. Dodgers Sign a Part-Time Taquero from Jalisco who Has a 93-mph Fastball — L.A. TACO ?? (@LATACO) September 26, 2019 Octavio Becerra was actually signed in August and shared his experience […] More

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    Dodgers Sign Mexican Left-Handed Pitcher Octavio Becerra

    The Dodgers have reportedly signed Mexican southpaw Octavio Becerra to a minor league deal. Becerra is just 18 years old. He is the Mexican League’s most highly-touted prospect. #NOTA El pitcher zurdo Octavio Becerra, ha sido firmado por los @LosDodgers @Dodgers el prospecto Número 1 de la @LigaMexBeis inicia su camino rumbo a las Grandes […] More