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    Are the 2016 Dodgers As Good As the 1988 Dodgers?

    Los Angeles Dodgers’ former pitcher, Orel Hershiser talked with AM 570 Tuesday, Oct. 4 and he made some headlines. Hershiser said he felt the 2016 Dodgers squad has the 1988 feel yet they have a “stunt roster.” Many Dodgers players had to fill in multiple spots throughout the season due to injuries. The Dodgers are starting […] More

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    Dodgers Release Fan Fest Autograph Session And VIP Experience Info

    The 2016 Dodgers Fan Fest is on Saturday, January 30 at 10:00 am, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy your Autograph Session and VIP Experiences beforehand. Starting on Friday, January 22, the Dodgers are making online sales of each one available at 12:00 PST. You can go online to, and from there you […] More

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    Dodger Stadium Store To Hold ‘Blue Friday’ Shopping Event

    In what’s become as much of a tradition as turkey on Thanksgiving, retailers continue to push the envelope with extended store hours and countless bargain buys. While the Los Angeles Dodgers aren’t necessarily going to the extreme as some companies, they’ll hold a ‘Blue Friday’ shopping event at the top of the Park stadium store. […] More