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    The Dodgers Spring Training and 2019 Season Preview Podcast – with Rick Krajewski! | Episode 41 | Blue Heaven Podcast

    Your one-stop Dodgers podcast shop for spring training and season previews and projections! Thank you to our sponsor at the Arizona board of tourism! Click the link to plan your spring training outing today! [button link=”” type=”big” color=”red”] Join Us In Spring Training with![/button]   Pitchers and catchers have reported and Blue Heaven is […] More

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    2019 PECOTA Projections for the Dodgers

    Every year more and more baseball fans look to the PECOTA (Player Empirical Comparison and Optimization Test Algorithm) projections and this year the Dodgers are well regarded. They also did well in 2018 with a projection of 97 wins (they ended up with 92) and in 2019 they are projected to have 94 wins and […] More

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    Team News: Dodgers Will Win 99 Games Per PECOTA

    The baseball pre-season is all about predictions. Who will be the best and worst teams? Who will improve the most? Are any teams going to regress? Well, PECOTA (per Baseball Prospectus) updated their predictions for team records in 2018. And it looks like the Dodgers are not expected to regress much at all. After winning […] More