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    2019 Dodgers Set A Franchise Record with 106 Wins

    A few short weeks ago, the prospect of becoming the best Dodger team in history (in terms of total wins) was not probable. It took a hot last few weeks. The 2019 Dodgers are now the winningest team in Dodger history with 106 wins. PS: in this final series, the Dodgers scored more runs against […] More

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    Dodgers Player of the Decade, Part 1: 1910s-1950s

    The Dodgers history goes back a long time. From the old days of the Brooklyn Robins to their move out to the west coast, the franchise has seen its share of great players throughout the years. Every era had star players who have gone down in history as all-time greats on the team. But what […] More

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    Jackie Robinson Statue Outside Brooklyn Cyclones Stadium Defaced

    In one of the most heinously displayed actions, the Jackie Robinson statue that stands outside the Brooklyn Cyclones stadium on Coney Island was defaced last night. Racial slurs and swastikas were drawn all over the statue that shows Robinson and former Brooklyn Dodger teammate Pee Wee Reese standing side-by-side. Billy Harner, director of Communications with […] More