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    Random Dodger of the Week: Joe Beimel

    A few weeks ago, I reminisced about erstwhile Dodgers reliever Paco Rodriguez.  A little bit before Paco lit up the mound with his eccentric sidearm delivery, the most beloved lefty reliever in Elysian Park was a rugged Pennsylvanian named Joe Beimel. Also like Rodriguez, he was only around for a few seasons. But he made […] More

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    Random Dodger of the Week: Yhency Brazoban

    Yhency Brazoban. I said his name over and over to myself before writing this just because his name is fun. It’s a fantastic name. Dodger fans may forget, for a brief time, he was also a fantastic set-up man. When our goggled and goatee’d flame-throwing closer went down for a while, he also was a […] More

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    Random Dodger of the Day: Billy Ashley

    Ever since their move to Los Angeles in 1958, the Dodgers have enjoyed perennial success almost every decade for 60 years and counting. If one has to pick the weakest decade, though, it’s easily the ‘90s. Despite some great players and an incredible four consecutive Rookie of the Year winners from 1992-96, the team disintegrated […] More

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    Random Dodger of the Day: Ismael Valdéz

    The pride of Tamaulipas, Ismael Valdez was a dodger from 1994-2000. He was nicknamed “The Rocket” in Mexico, and we got the best of his MLB years in LA.   His Dodger Story The Los Angeles Dodgers signed Ismael Valdez when he was 17 years old, on June 14, 1991. He was 20 years old when […] More

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    Random Dodger of the Day: Paco Rodriguez

    When you’re a diehard fan of a team, you inevitably feel a sense of attachment to the players that comprise it every season. It’s a special kinship unlike any other. You likely don’t know any of these guys on a personal basis, yet they keep you consistent company through the ups and downs of life […] More

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    Random Dodger of The Day: Tim Crews

    We’re going to be doing a new type of piece throughout the year called “Random Dodgers of The Day.” It’s so easy to forget a player on our beloved Dodgers from even a few years ago. We want to occasionally remember Dodger players from past eras and players whose time was perhaps too short or […] More