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    Random Dodger of The Week: Luke Prokopec

    I admit I was surprised that the name Luke Prokopec had been at least temporarily removed from the hard drive of my brain. How could I forget about the 1 of the 1-2 tandem of Aussie Dodgers in 2000-2001? Him and Jeff Williams were quite popular as two Australian Dodgers for the better part of […] More

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    Random Dodger of the Week: Joe Beimel

    A few weeks ago, I reminisced about erstwhile Dodgers reliever Paco Rodriguez.  A little bit before Paco lit up the mound with his eccentric sidearm delivery, the most beloved lefty reliever in Elysian Park was a rugged Pennsylvanian named Joe Beimel. Also like Rodriguez, he was only around for a few seasons. But he made […] More

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    Random Dodger of the Week: Yhency Brazoban

    Yhency Brazoban. I said his name over and over to myself before writing this just because his name is fun. It’s a fantastic name. Dodger fans may forget, for a brief time, he was also a fantastic set-up man. When our goggled and goatee’d flame-throwing closer went down for a while, he also was a […] More