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    Random Dodger of the Day: Brian Holton

    When you think of the 1988 Dodgers, the names that come to mind instantly are obvious. Gibson and Hershiser lead the pack, followed by Scioscia, Hatcher, Sax, and Orosco. Dempsey and Marshall stick in the mind too, and one of course can’t forget Valenzuela, although his 1988 season was limited by injury. Yet, for me, […] More

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    Random Dodger of The Day: Tim Crews

    We’re going to be doing a new type of piece throughout the year called “Random Dodgers of The Day.” It’s so easy to forget a player on our beloved Dodgers from even a few years ago. We want to occasionally remember Dodger players from past eras and players whose time was perhaps too short or […] More