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  • Tim Crews

    The Economic Impact of Professional Sports Franchises on Cities

    When thinking about a professional sports franchise’s impact on a city and a region, the economics are found in jobs created, money spent by the patrons attending games (e.g., ticket sales, team merchandise, parking, and concessions), transportation costs, and meals/entertainment expenditures prior to and after the game. What we have done here is survey sports […] More

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    The 4 Tenets to Maintaining a Successful Baseball (Sports) Franchise

    Previously this author wrote about “Presenting the Case to Build and Maintain a Successful Sports Franchise: A Great Venue, Lease, Market, and Personnel” in the American Bar Association’s Forum on the Entertainment and Sports Industries publication entitled Entertainment and Sports Lawyer. In that article, we discussed that the foundation of a successful sports franchise is […] More

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    3 Ways to Land a Job in the Sports Industry

    Relationships, genuine ones built on time, space, and mutual respect, is the most important ingredient to happiness. From happiness we can obtain success because we are willing to work harder for something that we are passionate. Furthermore, those around us that may have the ability to influence our lives and careers see it too and […] More