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    Dodgers: Social Media Reacts to David Freese Retiring

    On Saturday morning, veteran infielder David Freese announced his retirement via social media. — David Freese (@david23freese) October 12, 2019 Most known for his time with the Cardinals and clutch playoff hits, he also spent time with the Dodgers, Angels, and Pirates. He is loved by almost everyone and will be remembered as a […] More

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    Dodgers vs Cardinals Review: Big Start Precedes Huge Tumble

    It was an eventful four days in St. Louis as the Dodgers dropped the final three of a four-game series to the Cardinals. However, the Dodgers pulled off a blockbuster trade late Tuesday night to acquire Hanley Ramirez from the Miami Marlins. Ramirez joined the team and made his Dodgers debut Wednesday. The addition of […] More

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    Dodgers vs Cardinals Pre-Game: Kershaw Time For Redbirds

    It has to be nice to be Jake Westbrook these days. The right-hander, who faces Clayton Kershaw Saturday night, has posted an impressive 4-2 record and a 2.35 ERA. A deeper look, however, reveals that those numbers just might be a product of his competition. In seven starts thus far, Westbrook has faced the 15-24 […] More