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    Dodgers: Justin Turner Prefers Umpires Over the Electronic Strike Zone

    The Dodgers have featured Ross Stripling on their Instagram live feed every week in a segment called Live from Sunset Strip. This week, Justin Turner joined Ross Stripling to talk like after baseball, clutch hitting, and plenty of other baseball related things.  One of the topics of conversations brought up by Dodgers fans in the […] More

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    Dodgers: MLB Umpires Association Tweets, Former Dodger Responds

    The Major League Baseball Umpires Association has taken the gloves off, er, face masks off. They were apparently none too pleased about Manny Machado’s meager 1 game suspension. Here is the mess of a tweet sent out by MLB Umpires Association. #Disappointed #LeadByExample #NotAppreciated #Violence #TemperTantrum #Inaction #NotTolerated #MakeanExampleof #OneGameSuspension #RepeatOffender #Nonsense #MLBUA @MLB @Padres […] More

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    MLB, Umpires Reportedly Agree To New Five-Year Labor Deal

    Finding a replacement for commissioner Bud Selig wasn’t the only order of business Major League Baseball needed to address. Set to expire on Dec. 31 is the current labor agreement with umpires, which has been in effect for five years. As the deadline loomed and being at risk of a potential labor strike, MLB and […] More