The 2018 Dodgers: A Struggle in Plate Approach

So far in the early going for the Dodgers’ bats, I’m seeing a lot of struggle with off-speed pitches. Obviously evidenced by Patrick Corbin, Ty Blach, etc.

Each batter has his own distinction over the next guy, but the way opposing pitchers are attacking dodgers hitters has been making them look a bit foolish.

So I wonder aloud, when will you wise up, fellas? Yes, it’s early, and I hate that expression — wins and losses count in April just as much as they do in September — but I’d like the team to show a little urgency sooner rather than later. Now, don’t stress the urgency and get out of your game plan, but also, maybe, perhaps have a game plan?

World. Series. Hangover.

So if I’m a hater of the ideology that “it’s still early”, I’m fast growing to detest the new narrative of “it’s a World Series hangover”. See, the thing about that is that you need to win the World Series for there to be a hangover — the Dodgers went to the bar for a beer and nursed it for 7 hours… I’d hate to be the one to tell you, but that ain’t gonna cause a hangover.

Now, the shots that Yu Darvish (and Clayton Kershaw in game 5) bought for Houston all series long should definitely cause a hangover, yet here we see the Astros sitting at 6-2 in 2018. Okay, enough of this metaphor.


Change is in the air?

So let me preface this by saying that I’m #notahittingcoach, but I am locally renown slow pitch softball manager (I embellish perhaps a tad), so I feel I have the justifiable right to tell the Dodgers batters what they’re doing wrong.

Taylor, stop looking more overwhelmed and start attacking fastballs again. 2-strike pitches down the middle aren’t gonna hit themselves.

Corey, look, I love ya kid; you’ve meant the world to us, but if that elbow is, in fact, hampering your at-bats, you can go ahead and tell us. I promise we won’t be mad.

Puig, um, you just keep doing you, big fella. But try focusing on hitting it where they ain’t. Besos!!

Cody… what up, fam? Do you not see that those curveballs are, like, way inside? You know, there’s no harm in taking the walk? Cool? Cool.

Matthew Ryan Kemp, wasn’t your thing that you can hit? That was, like, your thing. I went ahead and brought in this guest inspirational coach to help you.


Kiké, ‘member when you said you were, like, gonna hit and stuff? You ‘member! I believe in you, buddy! Go talk to Kemp’s inspirational coach.

Yasmani! You da man! You’re the future! You’re a star!

Logan, you good, bro? You look stiff… need a hug? I’m here if you need to talk.


… So I may have lost my original thought process here, but the overall scope of this section remains the same, the team needs to lighten up and go have some fun. Yes, it is early, but it’s time to make a change. Go hug a Dodger today.



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  1. I agree. Whats gone wrong we can debate all day, but generally starting pitching isn’t the problem. Solid so far. Figure out what it’s going to take for a run productive offense to support your pitchers and then execute the plan…before it’s toooo late.

  2. I hope we’re not falling back on a 52-8 streak again as our solution. Apparently, we decided to rest our starters during the Spring, while other teams were doing their homework.