The Dodgers and the Yankees Are On A Collision Course

Yes, this is getting ahead of ourselves here.

On Tuesday night, the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers each recorded their 80th wins of the 2019 campaign. Each club sits at 80-41 (.661 winning percentage) entering play on Wednesday, and each club finds itself once again linked to the past.

The amazing MLBstats account (a very worth-while follow on Twitter) brings us the note — via MLB Network insider Joel Sherman — that twice before, the ball clubs found themselves in this scenario.

In 1947, back when the MLB season was only 154 games long, Brooklyn and New York recorded their 80th victories on August 29th. Brooklyn would go on to complete the regular season with a 94-60 record, while the Yanks ended at 97-57. The two would meet in the World Series — because there was only the World Series after the regular season — and New York would take the series 4 games to 3.

In 1953 the two clubs hit the 80 win mark on August 19, with “Dem Bums” ending their season with a still-standing franchise record 105-49 record, and the pinstripes settled on a 99-52 record. They met once again in the fall classic, and once again the Yankees defeated the Dodgers, this time 4 games to 2.

Nothing Set in Stone

Back then it was Joe D, the Duke, and Jackie leading the clashing of titans, but of course, they had two fewer road blocks en route to potential glory. Now we see Belli, Judge, and Babe Ryuth needing to make it through Division Series, and League Championship Series rounds before this rematch can take place.

All time, the Yankees and Dodgers have gone head-to-head in the Fall Classic 11 times, with New York leading 8-3 in the matchup.

The last time these two teams faced off in October was — everyone all together now — 1981 when Fernando and The Infield finally got their revenge.

The first test is coming up August 23-35 at Dodger Stadium as Los Angeles welcomes the Yankees to southern California for Players Weekend.

More Statistics per Wikipedia

Meetings total 78 (World Series: 65, regular season: 13)
Regular season series Dodgers, 7–6
Largest victory 12–2, Yankees (World Series–October 15, 1978)
6–0, Dodgers (regular season–June 19, 2013)
Longest win streak
  • Dodgers: 2 (June 19, 2013–July 30, 2013)
  • Yankees: 2 (June 27, 2010–June 19, 2013)
Current win streak 1, Dodgers

Written by Clint Pasillas

Clint is the lead editor of Dodgers Nation, and a host and analyst on Dodgers Nation's own Blue Heaven podcast live stream.

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  1. Well, Houston might just have something to say about that! (Or Cleveland, or Atlanta, or the Cubs, etc.)

  2. I was a kid living in Brooklyn when the Dodgers deserted us for California.
    They have been dead to me ever since. They are not forgiven. May they lose every game they play!

    • Remember they left because of Robert Moses, They wanted to stay but he would not let the city government agree to anything that the Dodgers asked for which was only a piece of land which was not used for anything but garbage. So being from Brooklyn I still root for the Dodgers.

    • Watch the ghosts of Flatbush and stop being a typical ignorant New Yorker. Robert Moses is your enemy. They wanted to stay

      • Geez Bob, get over it. Nobody wants to play ball in that rat infested dirty mecca of filth and disease called New York City. The team would have been idiots to stay!?

    • They gained alot more in LA than Brooklyn; 5 World Championships, over 3 million in attendance every year and became a global brand. Get over yourself crybaby, it’s been over 60 freaking years. Go watch the Mets and Yankees. and get the F out of this page.

    • Geez Bob, get over it. Nobody wants to play ball in that rat infested dirty mecca of filth and disease called New York City. The team would have been idiots to stay!?

    • I am sorry that you felt abandoned by the Dodgers move to LA because it sounds as if you were very invested. But your ill will is ineffective….so far, we are winning games…in fact, we are winning a lot of games. (Now this is not to say that our bull pen may not inadvertently contribute to your desire.) But life is too short, Bob…..let it go….you know you want to and that is why you follow Dodgersnation.

  3. You sound like a grouchy old guy Bob. That chip on your shoulder has to have you hunched over by now. Just FYI, they don’t need your forgiveness. Lighten up!

  4. Of course, we have the Pesky Astros who were given a break by being placed on the weaker AL West. Had they stayed in the NL Central, their record wouldn’t be as good. Looking forward to a Yankees-Dodgers World Series. unfortunately, it will be spoiled and possibly affected next weekend by an interleague series.

  5. You read it here first: the Yankees are not going to the WS this year.

    Dodgers will defeat Astros, as they would have in 2017, except that the fix was in for the city of Houston that year.

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