The Dodgers Are Filing A Lawsuit Over 42,000 Missing Tommy Lasorda Bobbleheads

The Los Angeles Dodgers want their Tommy Lasorda bobbleheads. Furthermore, the Dodgers planned a special night to honor Lasorda later in the 2019 season. However, this can’t happen because the promotions company tasked with creating the Lasorda collectible did not deliver.

Now, NBC Los Angeles is reporting that the Dodgers plan to sue P2 Promotions over the matter.

Allegedly, the Lasorda toys never made their way to 1000 Vin Scully Avenue.

TMZ Sports claims they obtained court documents on Tuesday in Los Angeles where the lawsuit was filed, and that the Dodgers had an agreement with P2 Promotions to make thousands of “100% hand-painted, break-resistant poly-resin,” Lasorda dolls.

In the lawsuit, the Dodgers claim they never received the Lasorda bobbleheads and are suing the company for $175,000 for breaking the terms of the contract.

Now, the interesting item of note is the Dodgers have 12 bobblehead nights planned for the current season. P2 Promotions is not heading up any of the other bobblehead items, aside from their assignment with the Lasorda project.

The next bobblehead night scheduled is April 13th (Cody Bellinger), with one promotion night already in the books (Walker Buehler).

We definitely hope that this gets sorted out (no pun). It’s a shame that one of the most iconic managers in the history of the game won’t have a bobblehead of his likeness this season because someone dropped the ball.

What is another Tommy Lasorda giveaway promotional idea you can think of instead of a bobblehead? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. How about a Pasta server? I’d love to have a Lasorda talking doll with recordings of his famous diatribes (think when the reporter asked about Dave Kingman’s 3 home runs against the Dodgers)!