The Dodgers Should Consider Acquiring Matt Harvey

There is no question that the Dodgers need pitching help. Whether it’s in the bullpen or the starting rotation, they could definitely use picking up a valuable arm. The unfortunate news is that the market is slim for pitchers. However,  a potential diamond in the rough was added early Friday afternoon.

After six seasons, the New York Mets decided to part ways with their former ace. It’s been a dramatic season in New York, to say the least. Amid struggles, Harvey was demoted to the bullpen. He clearly wasn’t happy with the move saying he felt he deserved to be a starter. The reality of it all is that the move was long overdue. Since the start of the 2016 season, Harvey is 9-19 with an earned run average just under six. Not great for the guy who pitched the Mets to the 2015 World Series.

When asked if he would ever accept a stint in the minor leagues, he said he would not. Well, it looks like the Mets asked, he refused, and here we are.


As I mentioned earlier, the Dodgers are in desperate need of an arm. Harvey is definitely an interesting case. His first three seasons in the big leagues were some of the best we’ve seen from a newcomer in a long time. It genuinely appeared as if he was going to be their ace for a long time. Obviously, injuries derailed that, but he just hasn’t been able to bounce back.

If the Dodgers were to take a look at him, it could be for both starting and bullpen purposes. He could be a solid weapon out of the bullpen, as he still has the capability to touch the upper 90’s. With how injury riddled this team has been over the years, he could also slide in and become a starter when needed.

What do you think, Dodgers fans? Is Matt Harvey worth the risk?

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  1. I live the east coast near New York and see Harvey pitch. He has lost his heater. He needs to learn to pitch again without reliance on his fastball all the time. Because of his poor performance for the Mets this year his attitude about being removed from the rotation has not been good. He doesn’t want to relieve but he’s not a good enough starter now. Will he straighten himself out pitching wise and mentally adjusting. I don’t know. The Dodgers can’t afford this experiment. Keep our prospects. The Mets will want somebody good for him. He’s not worth it currently. Bring up young arms and see what guys can do. I’d rather see them do that. See what these guys rated in the top 100 prospects can do. You’re force feeding them but certain guys shine under those conditions. I’d list them but you can see who they are yourselves. They may also offer bullpen alternatives to the mess they currently have. Stay away from Harvey. He’s a head case.

    • The Mets killed any chance of getting even a low level suspect (not prospect) in return for Harvey. The only way a team will trade for Harvey is if the Mets take back an equivalent, or worse, contract. Forsythe for Harvey works for me; net savings to Dodgers of $3.5MM and if Harvey doesn’t pitch well in minor league rehab games dump him.

  2. Yes, get Harvey, but not for a good player or prospect. Give him a chance. A change of scenery might be what he needs. It is certainly what most of the Dodger relief pitchers need. (23 runs in 21 innings, mentioned by Orel in the Arizona game I watched earlier this week.