The Wolf of Dodgers Street: Ross Stripling Visits The New York Stock Exchange

I don’t know why, but nothing is easier for me to picture than Ross Stripling; stock broker. It’s a vision I have – Stripling cruising down the 405 on his way to Chavez Ravine with his bluetooth on. He’s making trades on his way to the ballpark in between dominating big league hitters. Stripling just seems to fit the part and is probably really knowledgable and good at this craft.

It’s also no surprise that on the Dodgers’ off day in New York a day before opening a series with the Mets, Stripling made a visit to the New York Stock Exchange.

Stripling has shaped himself into a phenomenal big league pitcher. Still, it’s almost as if he seems more comfortable talking about his path to becoming a licensed broker.

Ross Stripling Talks About Being a Licensed Stock Broker

Here we learn so much about Stripling’s lineage in the finance world. He comes from a family of stock brokers – with grandfathers on both sides and his father being in the profession. Stripling studied finance at Texas A&M and fell in love with it, along with playing baseball.

Stripling says there is plenty of downtime in baseball to be able to do this profession on the side. He originally took it up in 2014 when he had arm surgery. The future All-Star wanted something he would be able to do for the rest of his life if baseball fell by the wayside.

Stripling says he is actively making stock trades each day.

“It’s probably the first thing I do every day, and the last thing I do each day. I get up and look at the market, and talk to my boss back home in Houston. Always looking for the next buy and making a few trades per week.”

This is fascinating to me. Stripling, a pitcher who nearly leads the world in Earned Run Average in 2018 has a second boss not named Dave Roberts.

Due to Stripling’s visit to the New York Stock Exchange, we learn that he is a success in an entirely separate segment of the business world aside from baseball. It’s refreshing to see things like this – that these players we love are not simply just robots who throw six innings against the Cubs are Wrigley Field and chew bubble gum. They are successful in many walks of life and have passion and depth that doesn’t involve throwing a four-seam fastball.

I’ve always really liked and been intrigued by Ross Stripling. I like him even more after today. A true winner in the game of life.

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