Three Dodgers Visit LAX To Help New Sponsor, Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines

When the Los Angeles Dodgers aren’t on the field or working out, the players can often be seen around the community, helping with the Dodgers charities and sponsors, or charities of their own. Not to mention that the guys in the clubhouse are great friends, enjoying time with each other and participating in activities that bond the group together.

Three Dodgers were at LAX on Thursday morning, helping Southwest Airlines, the newest official sponsor of the team. Joc Pederson, Justin Turner, and Kiké Hernandez all ventured out to the airport, dressed in each other’s jerseys, via the Dodgers’ Twitter account:

Turner participated in another form of signal calling that is not customary of baseball when he gave signals directing a plane to a stop:

Turner, Pederson, and Hernandez also got to experience a bit of what the hardworking employees of Southwest Airlines do when the baggage is delivered out from the airplane:

With their orange vests in check, the players got to experience the ins and outs of an airport that they do not regularly see when they engage in their flights all across the country during the season.

Hernandez, who has a rather talented speaking voice, got to participate in something many cannot say they have done in their lifetime. With the assistance of a placement card, Hernandez prepared the passengers for boarding by alerting them of the flight through the intercom system in the airport:

The three Dodgers have built quite a friendship during the trio’s first season together in the Major Leagues. Earlier in the season, the trio recited a famous minion-inspired video that received quite some laughs from Dodger faithful everywhere.


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