10 Best Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Dodger Fans

The season might be over, but with Halloween right around the corner, we can still have some fun and show love to our Boys in Blue.  Carving pumpkins is one of those fun things we get to do when Halloween rolls around and what better way is there to let everyone know how much we love the Dodgers?

We asked Dodgers Nation to show off some of their artwork on our Facebook page and here are the 10 best ones!

Dodgers Pumpkin Carving

Submission: Amanda Summers

Really starting to admire these cursive carvings.  This one has both iconic Dodgers logos on deck and it would be cool to see this one lit up too!

Dodgers Pumpkin Carving

Submission: Fabian Padilla

How cool is this Dodgers carving?!  That wolf with the moon backdrop is awesome and you can’t ignore that Jack Skellington carving either!

Dodgers Pumpkin Carving

Submission: Jared Thomas Autrey

Not a pumpkin, but a work of art nonetheless!  Carving out the Dodgers logo by shaving down the area around the letters looks amazing.

Dodgers Pumpkin Carving

Submission: Ursula Puente

This is a very clean carving of the LA logo and the way it pops in the dark is just really cool!

Dodgers Pumpkin Carving

Submission: Raylene Delgadillo

Another clean carving of the LA logo, but the cool thing about this is is how it’s lit blue inside!  Really wonder how this would look in the dark.

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